Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Since 2004 the average cost of UK funerals has grown by 112% reaching £4,078 and forecast to grow still further to £4,944 by 2022*. For more information click here.

However, an affordable Pre-Paid Funeral Plan purchased now provides a lump sum to pay for your later funeral costs in today’s money so that family and friends do not have to find the money to pay for funeral or cremation costs when you die.

Our recommended Funeral Plan provider helps you to put aside something for those you love the most. Your family will benefit from the security of knowing that if anything happens to you, then a payout will be made to the Funeral Firm. This payment can help make your family’s life a little easier at a time when it’s needed most.

We provide affordable funeral plans to affinity groups, inlcuding regimental associations, charities, employers and others.


* Sun Life Cost of Dying Report – 2017

Value for Money

The Elysium Funeral Plan is provided by Safe Hands, a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).  Funeral Director’s fees and services are fully guaranteed.

These fees do not include 3rd party fees, such as the cremation or interment fee, the doctor’s fee and the minister’s fee for the service.  Some plans include an allowance towards these additional fees.

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Why Choose the Elysium Funeral Plan from Safe Hands?

For UK residents age 18+ who value peace of mind, the Plan enables funeral costs to be paid to help you and your family in the event of bereavement.

You can depend on a guaranteed cash payout within days to the funeral director, along with a range of other valuable benefits, such as making the necessary arrangements for you.


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Please Remember

Safe Hands is an approved member of the Funeral Planning Authority.

 To find out more about the options available for you and your family, please get in touch.

Elysium Bereavement Guide Independent Definitive Guide Following the Death of a loved one

What is contained in this valuable Guide?

The Elysium Bereavement Guide has been designed to help you every step of the way folloiwing the death of a loved one – from registering the death to arranging the funeral and beyond.  The contents section is given below, for easy reference.

Contents                                                                       4

  1. Introduction                                                                     6
  2. Immediate things to do when death occurs           7
  3. Death Certificates                                                           9
  4. Deaths of Children under 18                                     11
  5. The Funeral                                                                    14
  6. Finding a Funeral Director                                        19
  7. Average Funeral Costs                                                 21
  8. Burial                                                                                23
  9. Your Garden as a burial ground                               28
  10. Cremation                                                                        30
  11. Turning Your Partner into a Diamond                    35
  12. Leaving your body to science                                     36
  13. Unusual or suspicious deaths – inquests                38
  14. Non-Religious services/civic funeral                       40
  15. Memorial Service/Ceremony                                      42
  16. Different procedures for different religions        42
  17. Paying for the funeral                                                  45
  18. If things are not to your satisfaction                       48
  19. Who to Contact after a death                                     49
  20. Vehicles                                                                             52
  21. State Bereavement Benefits                                       53
  22. Benefits of Planning Ahead                                        63
  23. Organisations that can help with funding             64
  24. Preparing for a Planned Exit                                     65
  25. Dealing with Grief                                                         67
  26. Funeral Insurance policies                                         68
  27. Life insurance Policies                                                 69
  28. Personal Pensions                                                          70
  29. Employer Pensions                                                        70
  30. State Pension                                                                   71
  31. Investments                                                                     73
  32. Bank Accounts                                                                75
  33. Things registered in joint names                              80
  34. Paying the Bills – budgeting                                        81
  35. Will or no Will                                                                 83
  36. Estate, Executors and Administrators                     84
  37. Probate                                                                               87
  38. Inheritance Tax                                                               89
  39. Bereavement Support Services                                  90
  40. Definitions                                                                        97
  41. Get Organised                                                                  98
  42. About the Author                                                            98
  43. Information and Contacts                                          101
  44. Funeral Plans                                                                 102
  45. Guide Format

Spiral bound Practical Guide Series

RRP £10

Discounts apply when ordered in bulk

Ordering the Bereavement Guide

Professional Firms can personalise the guide for their clients: contact Tony Granger on 01743 360 827 or email

Religious Organisations, Churches and Celebrants, as well as interest groups, may wish to order copies of the Elysium Bereavement Guide to sell or give to members. Discounts are available on price depending on order numbers.



Contact us on 01743 360827 or email to order.