Funeral Costs Continue to Rise

Did you know? The average cost for a burial is now a staggering £5,446.

The latest OneFamily funeral costs tracker reveals that in the UK between 2012 and 2017 the average price of a cremation increased by a huge 33% from £2,896 to £3,894, while the price of a burial has risen by 26% to £5,446.

With the costs of both burials and cremations rising year on year, OneFamily Managing Director Georgina Smith had these comments:

“Unfortunately the cost of funerals has rocketed in the UK and when you consider that the average weekly income in the UK after tax is just £194 – death poverty is very real for many bereaved families who simply can’t afford to pay these bills. Many families left behind end up in debt through having to pay ever increasing bills to say goodbye. Families are increasingly reliant on each other financially whether it’s buying a house, funding education, or end of life costs.”

We are here to help, we’ve created and developed an online funeral cost calculator for you and your clients. It’s designed to show the rising costs of burials and cremations and highlight the need for award winning Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover.

Granny (and Grandpa) Know Best!


In today’s youth obsessed society, it was refreshing to see the BBC World Service promote the wisdom of ages through a week dedicated to the life experience of the older generation. The BBC’s #GrannyWisdom week saw young stars of social media posting conversations with their grandmothers, dispensing their advice on topics ranging from love to mental health to overcoming adversity. Featuring highlights from those social media posts as well as discussions, the Granny Wisdom radio programme was an inspired idea – hopefully narrowing the gulf that can exist between young and old unless you’re a regular user of SnapChat!

Of course, no one can presume to have all the answers, but as all older people were once young, then it makes sense to share the benefits of experience.  And the good news is that studies show giving advice has benefits beyond helping the recipient.

A new study reveals that individuals in their 60’s who give advice to a broad range of people tend to see their lives as especially meaningful. At the same time, this happens to be the age when opportunities for dispensing advice become increasingly scarce.

According to the study, which appears in the March issue of Social Psychology Quarterly, individuals in their 60’s who report giving advice to a wide variety of people — to family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers — see their lives as highly meaningful, while adults in that age group who dispense advice to fewer types of people are much less likely to report high life meaning.

“This association between advice giving and life meaning is not evident for other age groups,” said Markus H. Schafer, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Toronto and the lead author of the study. “Overall, we interpret these findings to suggest that the developmental demands of late midlife — particularly the desire to contribute to others’ welfare and the fear of feeling ‘stagnant’ — fit poorly with the social and demographic realities for this segment of the life course. Just when giving advice seems to be most important, opportunities for doing so seem to wane.”

Of course, giving advice when it’s not wanted won’t ever be welcome – so choose who you share your wisdom with wisely!

Listen to #GrannyWisdom by clicking here.