Please find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How does the Elysium Pre-Paid Funeral Plan work?

You can select payment options from a wide range of choice of plans. The plan can be paid for as a lump sum or in instalments to suit your financial requirements.  Current options range from a Direct Cremation Plan at £1,985 to a more sophisticated plan at £4,095.  You are paying in today’s money for tomorrow’s costs, whenever that might happen.

Do you offer joint cover plans? 

Yes.  You can take a joint plan covering two separate people, or one plan that could be used for either person.

Do you offer post-death plans?

Yes.  In some circumstances, the deceased may not have had a plan in place, and his representatives need to make funeral arrangements that may be costly.  You can purchase our plan post-death, so long as you have not made arrangements with a funeral director yet.  This could save you you thousands as the costs are negotiated for you.

Will the pay out be taxed?

The pay out on death will not attract Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, nor Inheritance Tax.  This reflects our current understanding of the law and the HMRC practice, which can be subject to change.

Is there life cover on the plan?

No. The Plan is prepaid and specifically for funeral costs.  It does not have life cover, unlike Guaranteed Over 50’s Cover Plans (which are not specifically for funeral costs).

What if I pay by instalments and die before the plan is complete?

The balance of the plan outstanding at the time of death must be paid from other sources.

Can I cash in my policy?

Yes.  Your plan has a value.  There will be an encashment fee payable for administrative purposes.

Can I increase my plan for more options later?

Yes.  You can add to your plan at any time.  You may wish to take the most basic option now and upgrade it later.

How does the payment in instalments work?

You select the term of payment which is up to 120 months.  A deposit of £250 is required upfront which is taken off the plan cost.  You can pay a larger deposit and have reduced monthly costs.


How do I or my family make a claim?

The time will come when your loved ones will need to make a claim. It is important that they notify us of your death as soon as possible and they can do this by calling one of our UK-based team on 0800 917 7099.


Please make sure you retain the policy documents in a safe place and let your next of kin know where to find them.


You can also apply over the phone by calling  on:

01743 360827

We’ll be here from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday